About AquaFund™

ADSM is committed to helping as many UK organisations as possible to become more sustainable, by reducing the amount of water they consume from month to month. There are significant financial and environmental gains to be made, with clients typically using about 30% less water across their sites.

These services can be paid for on a monthly basis – but for those who do not have the budget for the tech or expertise we provide, an AquaFundTM National Grant is available, exclusively through ADSM. AquaFundTM makes it possible for you to start saving water immediately and permanently.

How AquaFund™ works

Thanks to the grant, your organisation doesn’t have to pay anything for any of the managed services we provide, which cover Water Sustainability and Water Forensics. Only once you start to make savings does a proportion of the sum go back into the AquaFund pot, to help pay for the services you receive, and to ensure that other UK organisations can join.

The AquaFund™ term

You can choose to receive your grant allocation for 2, 5 or 10 years, during which time ADSM will ensure your water use is dramatically reduced. Then, when your term ends, you get to keep all of the tech we have installed – plus 100% of the savings you make from then on.



ADSM’s managed services dramatically reduce your water consumption, free of charge

Your water bills are reduced by around 30%

Your sustainability credentials receive a substantial boost

Our ongoing services ensure that your reductions continue

A proportion of your savings go back into the Fund, to help others

We donate to humanitarian water projects on your behalf, to help those most in need