About ADSM

Since the mid 1990s, ADSM has been at the forefront of the fight to reduce the amount of water used by UK organisations, bringing sustainability and economic benefits alike. Originally as an adviser to the UK government, we have gone on to create a wealth of services that any organisation, even those with complex sites, can now benefit from.

These services can be paid for on a monthly basis – but for those who do not have the budget for the tech or expertise we provide, an AquaFund™ National Grant is available, exclusively through ADSM. AquaFund™ makes it possible for you to start saving water immediately and permanently.

Sustainable water consumption made easy

ADSM is also the sole provider of the AquaFund™ National Grant, which allows organisations to take advantage of our managed services, without the need to find a budget. These services cover everything related to water management and water billing, from leak detection and the installation of water meters, through to forensically checking bills that your organisation receives, and reclaiming overpayments from suppliers on your behalf.

A sustainable water supply

Today, ADSM can also offer UK organisations two ways of receiving their water at a discounted rate: the ADSM Self-Supply Account, and the ADSM Water Retail Account. The first allows you to miss out the middle man by going straight to a water wholesaler, while the latter provides you with fresh water and waste water services at a better rate than large utility companies. Better still, both accounts give you access to our suite of managed services, not generally provided by large water retailers.

Our Clients

Whether you would like to enjoy a more economical water supply, or save thousands every month by using less, there are many ways in which we can assist you. We are delighted that so many clients from the business and industrial sectors have chosen ADSM. We are equally proud to be working with some of the UK’s most important public sector organisations, such as NHS Trusts, leading universities and local governments. It does not matter how many sites you have, or how complex your needs, ADSM can help.

Humanitarian relief

As well as boosting your organisation’s sustainability credentials, and saving thousands of pounds on your water bills, ADSM also donates money on your behalf to humanitarian water charities delivering fresh water and sanitation to parts of the world in desperate need. So far, our donations have amounted to 257,400 gallons (total by Jan 2021). 

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