New Public Sector Grant Scheme with £200-500k attached:

Public Sector Only

Government consultants ADSM have been appointed to deliver a leading edge multi-million pound grant scheme to assist public organisations in reducing water consumption and cost in the sector by 30%.

Substantial reductions in water costs this financial year can be achieved through the availability of grant funding for any participating Public Sector organisation. 

The graphic below demonstrates the substantial financial and environmental benefits over a relatively short-time scale, using the ADSM and the Treasury benchmarking model to achieve important cash savings in the public sector in 2021/2022. The fund is provided by utilising an ‘invest to save’ budget model that is funded purely through savings. All the investment provided therefore entails no loan or capex requirements.

The chart shown provides some context around the historical approach applied to water management in most organisations and is now all set to change with new innovative approach to manage this resource more strategically. Water, has increasingly become an important commodity in today’s environmental context. Many areas of the UK are currently suffering from increased water stress, causing supply costs to rise as demand increases.

No budget required

Up until now, most organisations have required a budget to solve these major issues – for the necessary manpower, technology and expertise. However, the new initiative provides all the resources needed, and an end-to-end process that will deliver the desired results for you.

Savings protected

Performance can be visibly measured by organisations, with ongoing monitoring and maintenance provided by ADSM. This ensures that the savings made are protected and maintained at new optimum levels. The whole process has been designed to remove red tape and bureaucracy and obtain the funding within 30 days, no tendering is required and minimal management input time is needed to deploy the services and make cash savings. 


1. Call 01753 833880 or email

2. Obtain Grant Number Allocation  

3. Return Grant Agreement

The grant pays for:

  • The provision of the UK’s leading water management consultants for 60 months
  • Five year’ savings on your water retailers margin costs
  • Technical surveys of all water assets and processes across the entire estate
  • Supply and installation of cutting-edge water-saving technologies
  • Supply and installation of Automated Meter Reading (AMR)
  • Ultrasonic water analysis on supply lines
  • Support team to investigate consumption anomalies/leaks
  • Visible access to online to site consumption profiles, water bills, benchmarking and ranking for each building and supply point
  • Forensic auditing and reviews of all historical water charges levied, including all necessary consultancy work, to claim back overcharges on your bills
  • Water bureau team to validate your bills and deal with queries prior to payment
  • Ongoing cost avoidance measures to Whack-A Mole any rising consumption issues
  • Annual sustainability and humanitarian aid project reports

To find out more, visit https://adsm/
or speak directly to one of our Grant allocation managers.