Fully-funded global water benchmarking project (36 month duration)


AquaMark - Britain's only fully grant-funded water benchmarking project

Our mission to help organisations save on their water costs and consumption is made even more possible with AquaMark, our very own fully funded grant service.

Water is undoubtedly the forgotten utility when compared to energy. As a result, there is a severe lack of comprehensive and reliable water benchmarking data available. Our reasearch indicates that this is costing commerical water users in the UK £500 million per annum in lost revenue.

AquaMark is the largest and most ambitious water benchmarking project in the UK and delivers over 500 different building benchmark classifications, helping your organisation understand it’s water consumption and where it can be improved.

Putting Britain at the forefront of commercial water benchmarking and reducing your costs and consumption by a third.


Just the beginning of what AquaMark can do for you and your organisation: 

  • Definitive benchmarks for all your buildings to enable usage targets.
  • Three consecutive years of our award-winning bill validation services.
  • Access to accurate data for your annual sustainability submission.
  • Site usage demand profiles in preparation for water market deregulation in 2017.
  • Identification of high consumption anomalies.

Along with ADSM’s expertise on water management your organisation can expect to reduce your water consumption and costs by a third.

AquaMark is easy to access and implement – all we require is your billing data so that we can develop a data bank best suited to your organisation.

So why not get in touch today and save water and money without spending a penny.

To benefit from AquaMark benchmarking and bill validation just call 01753 833 880 or email AquaMark@adsm.com